Brian Jackson

Hi, I’m Brian Jackson

I’m a blogger and entrepreneur from sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

I co-founded forgemedia LLC, a digital agency I run with my brother. Prior to that, I was the CMO at Kinsta. I have a passion for crafting actionable content derived from first-hand experience, along with performance-driven WordPress development. I’ve written over 5,000 blog posts and have helped grow sites organically from zero to 1+ million visitors per month.

I also spend as much time as I can on bitcoin education and getting people off zero. Why? Because the traditional 60/40 portfolio (stocks/bonds) no longer works. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 1% or 50%, but a 0% allocation in bitcoin is the wrong amount for a risk-adjusted investment portfolio. Self-custody and multisig are the way: not your keys, not your bitcoin.

I caught the entrepreneurship bug at a young age. When I was in the 6th grade, I started dropshipping CDs and DVDs on eBay and have been hustling ever since. Check out all the hard lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I’m a proud Seventh-day Adventist and PK (pastor’s kid). I owe everything I have to Jesus Christ.

Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best. — John C. Maxwell

Fun facts about me

  • I’ve been using WordPress for 16+ years.
  • I blog about marketing, SEO, and productivity topics over at woorkup.
  • I help develop the Perfmatters and Novashare WordPress plugins.
  • I consider myself an autodidact and love learning new things.
  • I’ve built and flipped over 6-figures in niche sites.
  • I sold a web hosting company in college that hosted 700+ websites.
  • Received the Microsoft MVP Award in the Windows Expert-IT Pro category.
  • I ran a gluten-free blog dedicated to helping those suffering from Celiac Disease, UC, and Crohn’s. I have an autoimmune disease and have been gluten-free for years.
  • I’m addicted to disaster movies, synthwave music (check out my playlist), and enjoy playing a little Overwatch.
  • I like to chat about investing, bitcoin, and financial independence.

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