AdminStudio 64-bit – No Native Support Yet

As far as I can see AdminStudio 9.0, made by Acresso has yet to develop a repackager that works natively on a 64-bit OS. You can repackage MSI’s on a 32-bit host and they will run on a 64-bit OS, but in 32-bit mode. I am hoping in the near future that this will change as I have some 64-bit apps that I would like to repackage for silent installations.

Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson

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Brian Jackson


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Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson

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    Keep your eyes open, but I believe 64bit around the Jan/Feb 2010 time frame.

  • Brian Jackson

    Sweet, ya I was talking with Acresso, which is now Flexera the other day, and it sounds like they are going to let me test their 64-bit beta software for AdminStudio 10 which will be 64-bit. If you are interested I would call or email them and also let them know you are interested. I just finished installing the new AdminStudio 9.5 upgrade today that supports Windows 7. Have yet to play with it, I am excited. Thank you for your comment.